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Blake Lively Gets Her GOOP On
Really, before any celebrity follows the example of Gwyneth Paltrow and now the Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively in setting up a lifestyle blog, we, the poor public without access to personal shoppers and people to choose our mood colors for the day …
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Fast Five: Jim Jarmusch's Cinema of Cool
Back before Quentin Tarantino and Kevin Smith were even working in video stores, writer/director/New Yorker Jim Jarmusch established the cool wing of the American film industry. Combining evocative cinematography and leisurely narrative rhythms of …

'True Blood' costume designer talks Eric and Pam's formal, flashback attire

'True Blood' costume designer talks Eric and Pam's formal, flashback attire
Seeing as how Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) would dress Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) in a purple sequin gown that Pam would joke makes her look like a “republic-nt,” and Pam would get even more joy out of dressing Eric up as the perfect Texan …
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'Would You Let Your Daughter Color Her Hair Blue?'
Without the young, we do not have the old. We need both, that's the beauty of the yin and yang of the human experience. I have spent 40 years working with young people with a variety of hair colors: blue, green, pink, purple, rainbow. Some of them have …
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The Color Purple

The Color Purple

A fantastic poem penned by Jenny Joseph entitled Warning begins with this line. ‘When I am an old woman I shall wear purple’. The delightful verse tells of the boundaries attached to those who live a life of continuous accountability. It notes how, when we become older, we can get away with certain things. Many of these things are considered childish, excusable only because she is old. They include devouring all the free samples, setting off fire alarms, walking in the rain in our slippers, picking flowers growing in everyone else’s gardens and even daring to wear purple.

The poem does contain all that is possible and delightful as women age. It acknowledges the constant need to do what is right, to be responsible. It also is a reminder that perhaps we should not hold off on doing things we like until we have reached that certain age. Maybe we should really wear purple now.

If you look around, you often do see women who are more colorfully garbed now then in their younger days. They boldly dress themselves in brilliant reds and bright oranges and even purple. Meanwhile, the younger generation, slouch about in the safe colors, basic black and muted shades. Yet, in Ms. Joseph’s poem, the woman does wear what is for her a clashing combination: a red hat with a purple outfit. Yet, it is possible for many women to combine these colors beautifully and harmoniously into their wardrobe.

Choosing bright and bold colors does not reveal or indicate a lack of taste or fashion sense. In certain accessories, for example silk scarves and shawls, pulsating hues can look absolutely stunning.  It does not matter whether the shades form part of a floral pattern or abstract design or comprise the colors of checkers and stripes. The colors comprising hand dyed scarves and hand painted shawls are brilliantly harmonized and never fall short in providing a sense of attractive elegance and style to the wearer.  You do not and should not wait until you are old to wear them. They look marvelous on women of all ages. Combine them with the right outfit – contrasting or matching, and the overall effect is both discerning and dazzling.

It is any woman’s prerogative to wear purple. It is also her right to select and wear a hand painted silk scarf or shawl. These accessories rank among the most fashionable and essential items to be found in any woman’s closet. From age 18 to 80, you are certain to find a design among the many completely unique patterns that both appeal to and suit you. The versatility of these accessories means you can alter any garment in literally seconds. You can wear purple in or with a beautiful silk scarf or shawl as part of a traditional look or one that favors any worn by today’s celebrities.

Interested in silk scarves, or shawls? Visit to browse a gorgeous collection of scarves and shawls perfect for accessorizing or for giving as a unique gift.

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Ongoing theater productions for July 13
“The Color Purple,” at Virginia Repertory Theatre's November Theatre, 114 W. Broad St. $ 36-$ 60. 282-2620. Through Aug. 3. “The Dixie Swim Club,” at … “Hair,” at Firehouse Theatre, 1609 W. Broad St. $ 16-$ 35. 355-2001. Through Saturday. “Pump Boys and …
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At the Library — Traveling with Books
It's that time of year again when people are packing suitcases, loading up cars and hitting the road. Unless you're like me and your money has gone to pay for repairs rather than a vacation. But not to worry — you can do plenty of traveling with …
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Milani Lipstick

Milani Lipstick

The Milani cosmetic range provides an array of lipsticks that cater to all styles and tastes. They have the COLOUR PERFECT lipstick, PRETTY PAIR lipstick and gloss, and the VELVET lipstick ranges which overall showcase a wide range of lipsticks in various colours and forms. The Milani lipstick line promotes individuality and gives women what they demand the most, choice and quality at affordable prices. They keep their prices within reach of the general public which is a great advantage considering most of us are working on a tight budget given the current economic situation.

There is nothing worse than having your eye on something you cannot afford and so Milani have managed to provide a whole set of 3 ranges that are all affordable and work wonders for your budget and wardrobe. Milani lipsticks range from $ 4.99 to $ 6.99.

In comparison to Milani lipstick, Pupa lipstick is pricier, ranging from $ 10 – $ 25 and sometimes even higher, but they have lipsticks that are still more affordable than a number of other brands on the market. They offer bold, bright colours as well as a range of other colours that are fashionable, while also offering timeless shades such as the classic red lipstick. There are many different shades of red and different takes on the trend that are meant to suit all skin types and colours. It is hard to determine the best red lipstick as it all comes down to your skin tone and which is the most suitable for you and so that is what any lipstick wearer should work with. Find a shade that works with your skin tone, and that you are comfortable wearing.

If you do not have the confidence to wear bright, bold shades there are many lighter, softer shades you can find that will work well for you. This classic colour has been revamped and maintained as a fashion trend and statement meaning many cosmetic ranges offer red lipstick, including Milani lipstick and Pupa. Numerous brands will have red lipsticks in their line, of different shades and so you should feel free to try them out and try new things so that you can decide what the best shade for you is, and which brand you like best. Everyone has different tastes; while some swear by certain brands and products others have negative reviews about those same products so the whole process is subjective. Do not follow the crowd when it comes to choosing what is best for you. Trial and error is the best way to learn!

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The Best Collectable New Beauty Products

The Best Collectable New Beauty Products

The latest new collectable cosmetic ranges such as Bourjois, come is flattering colors and carry the Ecocert label which means these cosmetics are organic. The range comprises of lipsticks, skin-matt foundations, mineral based foundations, mineral blushes and organic mineral eye shadows. The best and most popular shampoo and conditioner is the Lulu Glam Larger-Than-Life range which is specially formulated for thin hair types, has proved to make the hair more lustrous and thicker. The best and most sought after celebrity perfume is Christina Aguilera’s seductive Royal Desire Eau de Parfum with musk, floral and fruity blends. A great time saver is the dry your hair faster Wonder spray that contains Miru Style to improve the texture of the hair.

Another popular seller is the L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Ice Cool Eye roll-on that reduces bags under the eyes and revives tired eyes, and in addition there is a host of fabulous beauty products for men that eliminate blemishes, dark spots, wrinkles and sagging. It is important for both men and women alike to maintain daily skin hygiene and a well balanced diet consisting of fresh fruit and vegetables. For those suffering from unsightly cellulite on the thighs and arms, a new innovative product known as Soap and Glory Sit Tight, reduces cellulite while sitting, and is the perfect product to promote smoother looking skin in the summer months. ROC Sublime Eye serum has been rated the best eye product and contains an innovative technology that imitates the bioelectrical currents naturally found in the body. After applying this cream results can be seen within three hours. When it comes to anti ageing, almost everyone wants to hide their wrinkles on the face and neck and eliminate sagging, especially when laser treatments are not an option. A treatment that is equivalent to laser is Clinique’s new anti aging Repairwear Laser Focus that produces visible results in twelve weeks. A handbag must is Lanolips 101 which is a pure lanolin base that will keep the lips ultra soft all day long. This product can be used on cuticles and to keep the eyebrows well shaped.

The top of the range eyelash enhancer is L’Oreal’s Rapid Eyelash Enhancing Serum that improves healthy growth and makes the lashes look thicker and longer. You no longer have to wear false eyelashes as the best pick of all mascaras launched is the L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara which recently came onto the market and is said to make the lashes thicker and longer instantly.

George Lockwood is a author on the subject of beauty products. Also, he has a particular interest in fashion and style. On behalf of several web sites owners he spends most of his time writing contents for web publication for discount cosmetics products in return.